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Question of the year: Is spending your late 20s living on South Beach and island-hopping the Caribbean as a career a) every responsible adult's fantasy or b) totally outlandish and ultimately unfulfilling for a semi-responsible adult who still places an abnormally high priority on fun? Perhaps the mere concept of what constitutes adulthood has been distorted due to my surroundings.

Through this blog, I hope to figure out what being "almost 30" really means to me...hopefully, before the big b-day next January.

Thanks goes to Holly C. for, first and foremost, agreeing to go on one of my press trips to the 'burbs of Fort Lauderdale and ultimately passing this site along to me.
the photo for July 8, 2008
DAY 179  |  July 8, 2008

Walgreen's drive-thru is, like most other businesses in Miami, highly incompetent. After sitting for about 15 minutes, a Wizard of Oz-esque voice came over the speaker saying he would be with me soon (in a Spanish accent.) Five minutes later, a girl comes to help then leaves. The Cuban Wizard booms over the speaker again...

"Are you in the car alone?" huh? Is this some sort of police raid?

I answer yes."It's my duty to advise you that antibiotics can lessen the affects of birth control pills." Uh, ok, duh.

"All right then, you've been forewarned."

Thanks dude, but I'm sure the pre-pubescent breakouts I would get from not taking the antibiotics will have a much more detrimental affect on my love life than anything else possibly could.

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