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Question of the year: Is spending your late 20s living on South Beach and island-hopping the Caribbean as a career a) every responsible adult's fantasy or b) totally outlandish and ultimately unfulfilling for a semi-responsible adult who still places an abnormally high priority on fun? Perhaps the mere concept of what constitutes adulthood has been distorted due to my surroundings.

Through this blog, I hope to figure out what being "almost 30" really means to me...hopefully, before the big b-day next January.

Thanks goes to Holly C. for, first and foremost, agreeing to go on one of my press trips to the 'burbs of Fort Lauderdale and ultimately passing this site along to me.
the photo for May 22, 2008
DAY 132  |  May 22, 2008
Nothing pisses me off more than people who are paid to help you but are completely incapable of doing so. In Miami, this is true of approximately 95% of the service industry. Waiters are slow, store clerks are rude and the old ladies at the Publix check-out don't speak English. Here I am waiting for a cab that took 20 minutes to arrive after 15 minutes of explaining a street address...followed by another 15 minutes of playing the role of GPS to navigate the guy to a location 5 miles away. I'm biking everywhere from now on.
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